20 Amazing Zebra Logo Designs Ideas

A Logo is a graphical element that, together with its logotype form a trademark or commercial brand. To establish a lasting impression on your clients, it is important that you have an effective advertising plan which is completely distinctive about your business. Logos are also used to identify organizations and other non-commercial entities. Here, I have collected very creative zebra logo designs for your inspiration. A zebra is an image popularly used in logos of companies in the fashion world as their striped markings indicate sophistication and being stylish. This collection of logos is great for designers who are on the process of creating a logo for certain projects.

1. Zebrand


2. IT Animal

IT Animal

3. Zebra Logo

Zebra Logo

4. Zebra Cuteness

Zebra Cuteness

5. The Zebra

The Zebra

6. Zebra Coffee

Zebra Coffee

7. Zebra Glasses

Zebra Glasses

8. Zebra Mascot

Zebra Mascot

9. Mono Accounting

Mono Accounting

10. Cool Zebra Design

Cool Zebra Design

11. Zebrah


12. Zegallo


13. Stripe Music

Stripe Music

14. Golden Zebra Dg

Golden Zebra Dg

15. LadyZebra


16. StuffBuff


17. Zebra Logo Design

Zebra Logo Design

18. Design Studio Zebra

Design Studio Zebra

19. Cowbra


20. Industrial Zebra

Industrial Zebra

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