The benefits of social marketing have not gone unnoticed among today’s companies. Unlike other advertising campaigns, it is inexpensive, easy to implement, and everyone is already using it. The advantages are clear; consequently, some businesses overlook common pitfalls in their social media campaign. There are specific guidelines that must be adhered to if a business wants to set themselves apart from others. It takes time, but social media sites can help any company attract an audience that will help build their brand.

Focus on Just A Few Sites

There are numerous social media sites popping up everywhere. A company starting out might feel obligated to use them all. However, Facebook and Twitter seem to be the most popular, and the ones a company will see the biggest return-on-investment from. It is best to start with the bigger sites and then expand into the smaller ones. Sure Pinterest, Snapchat, Tumbler, and LinkedIn are great too, but starting out a company needs to go to the place that gives them the best audience. Don’t try to do them all as it can be overwhelming. Facebook has the most user friendly advertising platform, and nearly every business around has a page on this site. Once Facebook has been mastered, then move on to another one and keep adding. The goal is to never have more sites than what the company can manage. After all, a business must be actively posting on these sites too.

Perhaps, Facebook may not be the best option. If the company has a product that is more visually based, then the business may want to utilize Pinterest. From Pinterest, the business can link to other sites too. Those who are engaged in business-to-business marketing may want to look at sites like LinkedIn. However, it won’t work so well if companies are trying to sell to retail customers. Find the sites where the time investment will reap the best rewards.

Don’t Oversell – Focus On Content

Everybody knows that content is king these days. One of the largest mistakes that businesses make on social media is spending less time connecting with customers. Too often the focus is on advertising. Done correctly, a company does not need to hype their products. People go to these social sites because they want to be entertained. They go there to see videos, read funny or touching stories, and to connect with friends and family. The business’s page must not seem like a big sales campaign, or it won’t have any traffic. If a company is constantly telling everyone how wonderful their products and services are, it won’t be long before the public tires of the page.

It is imperative to deliver content that is helpful and interesting. The goal is to inspire people to check out the company’s products. Don’t be uptight and formal either. Keep everything informal and light-hearted. Give them useful information and helpful resources they can use. Try something that is not even related to the business, like making the social world smile by putting up a funny video. It is all about connecting with the audience in a new way. The goal of social media is not to puff the company up, but it is to give people content they will enjoy.

Some feel that it is a lot to take in. Those that decide to outsource their social media marketing, may be better off than those that take on the monumental task. It is not uncommon for a business owner to wonder how to create a website that can balance all the demands of today’s technologically advanced crowd. It takes dedication and the ability to hone the company’s interests.

Monitor The Page Daily

Today’s busy business professional wants to use the “set it and forget it” mentality. With social media, it does not quite work like that. The page will need to be monitored often. If a person posts a comment about a video, respond to the comment as soon as possible. Do not just answer questions about the products, get on your page and interact with the social world. A great social media page is monitored at least once a day. It should also have new content 2-3 times per week. Do not post new things every day as it will quickly become a hassle to find new topics. Listen to the people, and give them what they want. Use reporting features, like Facebook graphs, the company can see what posts got the most attention. If it was funny videos, then it will be easy to decide what to post the next time around. Do not put so much work into the content that interactions suffer.

Don’t Expect Miracles

One of the biggest problems with marketing, on social media, is that people expect miracles. Remember, social media is a great place to market, but it cannot be the only source of advertising a company utilizes. People come to social media for many reasons, but most of the time they are not looking to buy something. The goal is direct them from the social media page back to the website. Additionally, the main website can also direct them to the social media page. While it can be informative, funny, and even a bit like talking with an old friend, what it cannot be is blatant advertising.

Because social media marketing uses a round about way of getting new customers, it’s not something that will happen overnight. Don’t expect to wake up and have 500 new followers and an e-commerce site filled with sales. It just does not happen that way. However, given time and a great deal of effort, it can be a successful venture when worked properly.

Get Outside Help

Those who wonder how to create a website that utilized social media, and all the other perks of a well-designed marketing campaign, should get the advice of a professional. To the common person, linking this and that can all be so confusing. It may be best to simply just let someone who is well versed in this area handle it. Business owners should focus on what they do best, and leave the marketing to those who have are knowledgeable in these areas.