After learning how to create a website, it’s time to turn your attention to how you’re going to gain followers and friends on social media to drive traffic to your website.

Why Grow Your Social Media Accounts?

It’s a low cost way to market your business. It helps you connect with consumers in a venue where they’ve gathered. Imagine you’re selling ice cream to children, you’d want to park your ice cream truck in front of school as it lets out, and that’s the goal of social media marketing too. Gravitate to the place where your people are.

Narrowed Focus

There are so many social media platforms, that it can be tough to choose where to spend your time or marketing dollars. You need to be effective on the social media platform you choose. The best platforms will work for your niche. For example, if you have a professional clientele, they’ll appreciate connecting on LinkedIn. Moms of toddlers would rather connect on Facebook. You’ll need to know your audience before picking your social media platform.

Provide Great Content

You’ll need to provide content that appeals to your target audience. If you spend too much time selling your own products, you’ll be purely self-promotional, and potential customers will stop listening to your brand. When you choose the platform, consider what type of content the typical users on that platform will like. People want to be entertained, informed or helped.

The Big Ones to Join, and How to Optimize


On Facebook, you’ll want to create a page for your business. On this page, you’ll connect with your target audience through content you can add. It can be tough to get the ball rolling with your first hundred likes, but it’ll be worth it if you work at it. Don’t buy likes since you want engaged fans that will be interested in your content.

Instead, share great content including information from your websites. The content you share shouldn’t be exclusively from your website though. Make sure you’re sharing other content that readers will find compelling. Leave comments on other pages that readers will like. They’ll follow you to your page too.

Have an icon that allows readers of your website to share with their own Facebook profiles. Share buttons are going to allow people to share interesting parts of your website with their friends, which will increase readership.


You can search for relevant keywords in your industry and follow accounts that make sense for your brand. You have to stay active with your accounts, so make sure you’re commenting on other tweets as well as thanking people for following or retweeting your messages.

When you find something you think your audience would like to see, retweet that message to your followers. Make it a habit to retweet at least one message each day. You’re growing fans and followers, so it’s best to stay involved in the platform. Sharing relevant messages with fans makes you an authority who isn’t self-promoting but actually trying to be a source of information. They’ll appreciate that.


Once you’ve linked to a friend or co-worker, it’ll become easier to find others. You’ll get access to more connections through people as second and third degrees.

Personalize connection requests to ensure that people will approve your request. It’s not like Twitter where people will follow and link randomly. On LinkedIn, it’s about reputation, and people won’t connect with you if you’re not being professional.

Instagram or Pinterest

For visual platforms, Instagram and Pinterest can help you gain a massive audience. It’s important that you understand the hashtags that will get your posts in front of the widest audience. That doesn’t mean choosing a trending hashtag that doesn’t relate to your industry. Choose one that makes sense for your business.

When it comes to pictures on Instagram and Pinterest, make sure you’re creating pin and share worthy photographs. You can add filters to your photographs, which can help you garner more views and shares.

Plan Your Approach

The platform you choose doesn’t matter as much as sticking to the platform, engaging with the audience and making connections that will bring in viewers.

Sharing Content on Your Social Media Platforms

Once you’ve decided on the sites you’ll dedicate yourself to for social media, it’s time to figure out the type of content you’ll share. You want to start sharing before you have tons of followers. If you don’t share content, when you ask for views and shares, there will be nothing available.

Have current clients and family share your tweets or posts. You have to start at the beginning, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Once you have content, you can start gathering more fans and followers.

Tricks and Tips for Gaining Beginning Followers


A great way to get fans and followers is through contests. You can raffle off a prize, and each person that enters the contest must like your Facebook page or share one of your tweets with their followers. You’ll choose the raffle entry that will get them in the door.

There’s more to learn than how to create a website to grow your business. You should be picking a social media platform and consistently interacting with your followers as often as you can.

Question and Answer Sessions

Whether you have them on Twitter or Facebook, you can have Q&A sessions with your current audience to gain more followers. You can share a video of you answering questions on YouTube to your followers on other social media platforms.

Like Them First

Instead of asking for likes and followers, go out there and do the following. When you have content up, they’ll see what you’re doing and be attracted to your message. They’ll often follow you back.

Make sure you are being consistent and interacting with people as often as you can. If you can only interact with them once a week, make sure it’s meaningful. You can also get some automation for your social media accounts as they grow, which will help you stay consistent.