If you want your online clothing sales to skyrocket, you’re going to have to put in some work. Fortunately, there are several simple things you can do to head in the right direction. Here’s the rundown on the top ways to boost your sales.

Testing, Testing

Be thoughtful about how you present your products, and don’t just be thoughtful but also test your thoughts. Think of yourself as an experimenter. Come up with ideas about what might affect your sales, then come up with ways to test them. For example, do you make more sales when you offer all of your products on one site, or when you break down different product types onto different sites? For example, let’s say you sell shoes, purses, and dresses. You might find that breaking up your shop so that you have one website and store front for shoes, a separate one for purses, and a separate one for dresses increases your sales because people coming to your site are definitely looking to buy a pair of shoes, not just browsing and getting lost in the options.

An easy solution for this is to talk to web companies about reseller hosting. Many companies like web designers offer a reseller hosting structure, where they both design your website and offer web hosting. Letting them take care of the details of your multiple sites can free you up for the other aspects of your business.

Use Promotions Wisely

Promotions can boost sales, but obviously they cost you money too. That’s why it’s important to use them thoughtfully. For example, if you’re having trouble getting an item off the ground, you might use a promotion to encourage sales. Once a few people have bought and reviewed that particular top (or whatever you’re trying to move), other potential customers will be more likely to buy because they can see that previous customers have been satisfied with their purchases.

It can also pay to target your sales to specific customers. For example, maybe your data shows you that a certain group of customers like to buy a lot of clothes at the same time. Offering them a deep discount on a single item may be enough to get them back onto your website, where they will inevitably end up buying several more (not discounted) items.

Create Upgrade Options

Creating upgrade options for the products you sell is a great way to boost cash flow without making too much extra work for yourself. A classic example is offering gift-wrapping for an extra charge. You’ll find that customers are willing to pay a little more for an item to come gift wrapped so that they don’t have to put in the work themselves, or so that they can send it directly to a friend’s house. You can also offer bonus items, like an extra pair of shoelaces in a contrasting color, or a pair of earrings that coordinates with a particular dress.

Carefully consider where you’re placing information about these upgrades. Great places to put them are on the product information page, just below the picture of the main item (so customers can see how well the items go together), and on the checkout pages. Putting small upgrades on the checkout page is equivalent to selling candy by the register at the supermarket, because people are more likely to impulse buy it.

Advertise Well

We already know the power of advertising, but its important enough to bear repeating. Advertising can both bring in new customers who have never before heard of your store, as well as reminding previous customers of all the things they love about your clothes. If you have the expertise or the money to hire someone with expertise, targeted marketing is a great way to get the right people to see the right ads.

Connect with Your Customers

Connect with them on social media, that is. Encourage customers to follow you on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest in exchange for a small discount or advance notice of sales. These platforms can be great ways to showcase your creativity, and clothing sales especially can benefit from these opportunities because they lend themselves to photographs so well.

Once you’ve got followers, it’s important to keep them interested with high-quality posts. Showcasing new items is a great content idea. Consider finding someone to try on outfits from your store so that you can show off the pictures to your followers. Consistently seeing your products in a positive light will keep your website at the top of potential customers’ minds when it’s time to buy a stylish new jacket (or whatever they’re shopping for).

Increase Order Sizes

In addition to increasing the number of customers that view your site and the number of times customers visit, increasing each individual’s order size will boost your sales. We’ve already talked about adding small upgrade options to orders, but another great strategy is to offer bulk discounts. For example, buy one get one free deals are a great way to encourage customers to buy more. Even if you can’t afford to run that big of a sale, you have other options. You might offer free shipping for orders over $50. People who are buying a top for $40 are highly likely to put some other things in their cart to hit that $50 limit. You also might do a modified version of the BOGO deal, such as buy one get one 25% off, or whatever makes financial sense for your pricing model.

Have you tried any of these ideas with your online clothing store? How did it work out for you? Let us know in the comments!